Embroidery Services

I decided to take my love of embroidery and share what I create with others.  I have a 6 needle and 10 needle commercial embroidery that help me to embroidery on almost any item.  I can take care of your business needs with hats and shirts.   For my race fans, I can put your race team name or car number on hats and jackets with fluorescent thread to match your cars.

I love the look of appliqué  and enjoy adding them to kids clothes, baby items, totes, and other accessories.  Applique lets you add fabric to the embroidery stitches to make a terrific combination.

Embroidery make it so easy to personalize any item with you name or initials.  This works well on baby items, totes, bags, shirts, jackets and anything you can think of.   This makes great gift items.

A popular item I embroidery are Cubbies.  These make great gifts for new babies.   The cubbies come in a wide variety of animals.   The name, birthdate, weight, time of birth, length is stitched on the belly of the animal.   The can also just have a name, 1st birthday, 1st Christmas or anything you want.  The elephant has the information stitched on the ears.  These are great keepsakes.